Friday, January 18, 2008

Curling at the Granite Club

It's been over 15yrs and I still fall over when I curl.  The nice thing to know is that I'm not the only one.  Thanks SpinMamas (all 20 of you) for coming out and giving curling a try.  A visit to the Granite Club is like a flashback in time.  I don't think the club has changed in 40 years and I love that about it.  Jolynn, Deb, Heather, Paul, and Josh were the curling experts that helped the rest of us out with our rules, form, and skills.  It took all of them to get us moving in the right direction (standing on two feet and curling the stones hard enough and in the right direction).

The concensus was to try again next year.  Now that we understand the game, we might as well work on getting the stones in the circle (what was that called again).  I know that most of us were getting the stones past the hog line by the end of the afternoon.  And a nice cold beer and a chat with the SpinMamas was a nice way to finish up our curling adventure.

I must also thank Christine Snow of Wellington Village Massage Therapy (613-761-5603) for donating our $5 1/2 hour massages.  I know that many SpinMamas will be calling her to make an appointment after pushing those muscles.  Chris is great, I'm a regular on her table.

We took some time to share ideas for future events.  Please take the time to answer the poll on this site.  


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Curling at the Granite Club

Curling at the Granite Club
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