Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bowling Babes

Twelve of us sported those funky shoes and tossed a few balls in the gutter (Whoops, that was just me. No actually that was a few of us). We started at O'Connell's, very small 'rustic' pub not far from the GCTC. The beauty of O'Connell's is that it's attached to West Park bowling lanes and Fil's dinner. They are all owned by the same people. Which means you can buy your drinks at O'Connell's and bring them into the bowling alley. How progressive is that? There was even some entertainment when we made our way back to the pub after our game of bowling.

What's next this month - Not sure! Been busy trying to launch a new business idea -

Looking for easy suggestions - simplicity is still key! Ideas?


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