Saturday, March 27, 2010

Let's See What Takes Root


I need some inspiration from you. A year ago, we were over 100 names on a list. Many of you attended a variety of events and many of you did not attend but you were keen to be invited to the events, especially the shopping night.

Now, I need to know what you want to be a part of? I don't want SpinMamas to die but I need other people to help me breath life back into it.

Do you miss SpinMamas? What would you like to do? Maybe I should just turn this into a blog about the hectic lives of women in the hood and what they do to have fun with life? What do you think? Share you thoughts insights and ideas. I was derailed and I need your help to set a new path.

I have added a poll just to see if people are interested in events but until the end of April I'm going to just start blogging and see what happens. We'll call this my SpinMamas experiment. Let's see how we can change the shape of what Janis and I started in July 2006.


cheryl said...

I think everyone has been missing Spinmamas. I would love to help you organize events if that would work for you. I'm keen to get some skinny pictures on the blog!! I know you have been unbelievably busy and it seems selfish to want you to organize our unique fun events, but you do it so well. Looking forward to spinning again. Cheryl

Doreen said...

I AM missing the Spinmama events, Patti! Drinks at a bar would do it for me, and my all-time favourite thing is yoga-on-the-beach.

It doesn't take much....

Would you like some help with planning? Maybe we could share the effort..... a different organizer per month (or every other month). Summers off. Many hands make for easy work, yes.

Pam Dilworth-Christie said...

I loved the Christmas Shopping Night! I always have good intentions about going to other events...I promise I'll try harder to make them! Personally I'm always up for drinks, particularly on a patio!

I would also love to help organize something! Pam

Sarah Hayward said...

I know I'm too far away to participate regularly but I do love Spin Mamas....would never have tried belly dancing, zumba classes or even Spa Nordik with out it! Heck I woul.d have never met my house and dogsitter without Spin Mamas. Think the idea of getting a different organizer every month is a great idea!

Jennifer Keyte said...

I don't live in the 'hood, Patti, but I think it's such a good idea that I'd like to start a group in my neck of the woods - Old Ottawa South. It's a great way for 'Mamas' to network and take a fun night out for themselves every once in a while. The Winterlude skating was fun last year, even if my skates were as dull as cardboard - how about rollerblading (lessons?) in Gatineau Park as a summer session? Jennifer

Heather Dewar said...

Spinmama's is such an inclusive and eclectic combination of wonderful women that it would seem a shame to let it slip away. We help keep each other centred, sane and entertained... Maybe we could each perform a random act of Spinmama kindness to help reignite the mojo?

Patti said...

How about a planning session at Trio with those of you that have put you 2 cents in? If we put a schedule together, and I find a few helpers for the bigger events, I think I'm ready to move ahead. I have found play I want to go to at GCTC next winter and I know Dom is ready to do something with us again at Val-des-monts.

Inaugural Yoga on Westboro Beach 2006

Inaugural Yoga on Westboro Beach 2006
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Curling at the Granite Club
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