Monday, January 10, 2011

Dance Party 2011!

Invitations are out and 8 people are booked so far. The night is January 20th and the place is Capital City Dance. The theme of our dance lesson, ok it's not quite a dance party, is undetermined. We've gotta be willing to go with the flow ladies. We're not doing hip hop, ballet or Latin for sure. Something current modern and raw!

I trust the boys at CCD. My daughter has been dancing with them for over a year now. They are so great with the kids, the atmosphere is casual and the dancing impressive. Ours will be a little less impressive but fun just the same.

Ready to shake it ladies?

Someone reminded me the other day that we have done belly dancing, Latin dancing, and Zumba. I do like to dance. Someone on the Evite list responded that they had 'more dancing' as a resolution for this year. I'm happy to help her reach that goal.

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