Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rave Reviews for Tempting Providence

Thirteen of us showed up to see 'Tempting Providence' at the GCTC.  I was surprised to hear that none of us had yet been to the new GCTC location.  We were all very impressed.  We arrived early to enjoy a relaxing beverage before the show.  Encore, run by Thyme and Again, is a beautiful restaurant on the group floor.  Although I was the only one that grabbed a bit, I can say with complete commitment that I will be returning for lunch some day soon.

The play was delightful!  I love the strong characters, the Newfie feeling, the simple costumes, and the dance with the table cloth.  It was mesmerizing to see who the 4 characters were able to turn a table, 4 chairs and a table cloth into all the sets they required.  Wonderful acting but also very entertaining in the way they produced their environments.

Myra Bennett was definitely a women I would have enjoyed having a kitchen party with.  And to all the SpinMamas that joined me, thanks for the company!


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