Wednesday, January 28, 2009

FREE LIfe Coaching - From me!

Last weekend I attended a 3 day course in Toronto put on by the Coaches Training Institute. My motivation is the project I am working on at Algonquin College,  I realized that although I am teaching students about social media tools for personal branding that coaching is part of the process.  Off I went to learn more.  

The life coach I have used over the past year on and off plus two other's I had met, all trained through CTI so I felt it was the right direction to go.  Off I went to Toronto for the weekend.

I'm now looking for a few 'FREE' clients so that I can practice my skills.  Any interested SpinMamas (or your friends or family) that would like to be my guinea pigs?  Our sessions will be 30 minutes long every 2 weeks.  The goal is to make your life more fullfilling.  Do you have an area in your life that isn't quite up to 'snuff'?  We can focus on career, relationships, family, friends, fun and recreation, money, personal growth and almost anything else.  

Coaching is not counselling.  My role is to support you in finding the solutions to your issues and helping you be more accountable for the actions you need to take in your life.  So far, I have a client writing a book outline, another analyzing what happiness really is to them, and another client is working their way through making their needs a higher priority in their hectic life.

This is soft sell ladies - I'm offering up some FREE coaching for a limtied time.  Anyone interested, please send me a note.  

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