Friday, September 10, 2010

Mountain Biking With Dom at Creative Wheel

SpinMamas on Fat Knobby Wheels!
The beginning of a whole new love affair!

A fun day for SpinMamas to learn about the ABC of mountain biking with Dominique Larocque, founding director of the Creative Wheel Centre and LaRoccaXC Mountain Bike School.

9:00 am to noon
Instruction with Dominique - $20 per person + taxes.
Rental for the day - $20 per person + taxes.
Bring you lunch and enjoy the rest of the afternoon practising or just 'chilling out' around a bonfire.
Absolutely NO experience required!
Bring a helmet a cycling gloves if you have them. No worries if you don't. Wear tight clothing if possible and cover your arms. Fun, fun, fun!

The Centre welcomes you! Invites will be sent out shortly.

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